ALG had swim lessons the last couple of weeks and really did a fantastic job.  Last summer it was all nuts, so nobody got swim lessons.  This year, we were blessed to find a great college student, home from Texas Tech, that taught lessons at her home pool.  There was only one other girl in the class, so they were practically one-on-one.  I was so proud of her.

I did have to crack up on several occasions when Ms. Haley would ask ALG to do something and she would start negotiating.  Case in point:

H:  Okay, let’s float on our back twice.
ALG:  How about we float once and THEN play the monkey game?

She’s a negotiator, that one.  That and a wee bit opinionated and headstrong.  I keep telling myself those are good traits to have as an adult.

Clare and Luke just hung out while she learned the ropes.  Our little ER visit has derailed us some on practicing the skillz.  But she’ll be back in the pool in no time.

Way to go pretty girl!

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