Feeling the love

What a truly beautiful and fun weekend.  Friday just rocked it.  Luke had his ECI physical therapy appointment, I tried giving him a nap – he refused – so the girls and I loaded him up in the van and headed south to attend the boys award ceremony at golf camp.

The boys spent most of the week hanging with my dad in South Austin.  It was a much needed break for this momma and some precious time they were able to have with their Papa.  I suspect those are some memories they’ll keep forever.

After awards, we headed to the pool.  Yippee!!  There was minimal sibling fighting, lots of water love, some good conversation with my dad, a delicious poolside lunch (and really, doesn’t any meal taste better when eaten by a pool?) and then we loaded up and headed home.  The only one that napped was Clare.  Sadly, that’s becoming a theme around here.  Scott came home a little early and we loaded up the troops again to enjoy birthday dinner #1.  We decided to give the Melting Pot a try.  As Scott’s dad used to say, “We ate there once.”  I would definitely go there for dessert, though.  Hey, it wasn’t a total loss.  The food was pretty good, the service not bad and the kids loved dipping the food in the fondue.  It was just way more stress than what we bargained for.  Eh.  Live and learn.

Parenthood.  It’s a journey.

Saturday morning I enjoyed a pedicure, compliments of the neighborhood girls.  Big shout out to them!  We had our monthly GNO on Tuesday and celebrated all the June birthdays.  It was alot of laughs…especially when the possum broke up the party!  We ate at an Austin fav, Chuy’s, on the patio.  Seems as if the possums love it out there too and by the time he started to join the party, we shut ‘er down.

Again, Friday night and Saturday were full of no naps, but that’s a post for another day.  Luke is giving us fits…again.  But, the day was redeemed when we joined all the fam (aunts, uncles and grandparentals) at Siena.  As in, St. Catherine of.  That is some Italian food that’s about as close to Italy as one can get here in the Hill Country.  Local.  Rustic.  Delish.  Our Sicilian waiter was a hoot and called the girls princesses all night.

All in all, one mighty fine weekend.  I’m happy and proud to be 36!


  1. Alexis D. on June 14, 2010 at 4:05 am

    Happy Happy Birthday Kathryn!!

  2. Marin on June 14, 2010 at 9:10 pm

    Happy, happy BELATED Birthday, K!!!

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