Happy Birthday Princess!

Scott always calls the girls that and I smile everytime he does.  I’m reminded of my relationship with my dad, and I’m so grateful that my girls are loving their dad like I love mine.

Oh, Anna-Laura.  I believe I’m echoing every mom’s sentiment about how quickly the time passes…where did the time go?  I mean, I remember the doctor yelling out, “It’s a girl!” and me asking him if he was sure.  Then I remember Scott crying.  You were born on my paternal grandmother’s birthday and we’ve bestowed her nickname on you, Sisty.  I have no doubt the original Sisty is smiling in heaven today.

You are just a total joy.  Even when you’re throwing your fits, which you sometimes throw in a major way, I still love you no matter what.

You are sweet.  I love the way you play with Luke.  He thinks you hung the moon.

You are smart.  Of course 🙂

You love to help in the kitchen.  Especially if brownies are on the menu.

You are girly.  I so love that about you.  You have your babies.  You nurse them.  Take them to the hospital when they’re sick.  You swaddle and love them, rock them and bathe them.  Even though we’ve bought you many babies since birth, you’re still carting around the one with the filthy, missing arm, half scratched eye because she was your first.

You are tough.  Hey, with three brothers one has to be.  That trait will come in handy for a lifetime.

You are independent.  Huh, that’s weird.

When I think about you skipping to kindergarten (which you are so stoked about), I always tear up.  Stop the clock, I scream out.  My little girl can’t be leaving the nest so quickly.  ALG there are so many things to love about you.  Little things (like how you tuck your hair behind your ear, look up and say ‘um’ when you’re thinking, how cute your giggle is or how you have more shoes than me), big things and everything in between.  I never knew it could be so awesome to be the mom of a girl.  Then I had you.

Happy Birthday Princess!  You are so loved.

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