Super Bowl

Last weekend, we enjoyed a Super Bowl party at a neighbor’s house with lots of other fun neighbors.  It was great.  We have SO been searching for a neighborhood with folks that wave when you drive down the street, that stop you on your walk and you end up chatting so long that you scrap your walk, that has kids our kids’ age and informal playdates happen often…  You know, the moon.

After seven years of looking and living in Texas, we finally found the place.  Yippee!

So, back to the party.  The guys watched football, did some innocent betting (Scott won the pot!!), the kids ran around like crazy people hopped up on sugar and the girls chatted in between refereeing kids.  It was fantastico.  The best part is the girls have a monthly GNO (girls’ night out).  I missed the first one because somebody was in the hospital, but I’m looking forward to the one in March.

Ladies, here’s to many more fun evenings!

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