Roommates and Toilet Paper

One may ask, ‘Just what is it that those two things have in common that’s so blogworthy?’  Well, I’ve interrupted your weekly top ten to dish on just that.

This morning I had to go in for some fairly minor day surgery to remove some cysts.  Yeah, I know.  Fun times.  As luck would have it, one my sorority sisters and college roommates from my junior year, emailed and told me she would be in town and wanted to help out in any way.  Volunteer #1 🙂  Other college roomie and sorority sister made a post on facebook, a few comments later and we had volunteer #2.  I’m pretty sure all I said was something about margaritas and we all flocked to Austin as quickly as we could.

I digress.

So, they came into town yesterday afternoon and we gabbed while directing children to various activities and Lisa baby hogged Luke.  Oops, baby loved Luke.  So sweet.  It’s awesome seeing my friends love on my babies.  Makes me smile.  Anyhoodle, Erin’s hubby, Steve, is in the Air Force {insert sarcastic tone here} and he loves it.  So much so, that he managed to get a week away from his assignment and get his hiney to Texas to surprise Erin and the kids.  So, while Steve and Scott ran daddy day care yesterday evening, the girls went out for Chuy’s and margaritas.  And lots of laughs and a few tears.  Good for us all and way overdue.  This morning, the girls kidnapped me again.  This time my margarita was in a stick via the anesthesiologist and they played doctor while Scott and Steve held down the fort with our combined 7 kids. 

On to the reason for this post…

Our junior year in college, we finally busted out of our mandatory ‘living in the sorority house’ gig and opted for a much more fun year of living off campus in our own really cool apartment.  It was a two-bed, two-bath super cute abode.  I had my own room and bathroom and Erin and Lisa shared a bed/bath.  As fate would have it, my bathroom was also used by all our guests.  Which, of course, meant that mathematically I was paying more for toilet paper than them.  Now, we all know there is also the camel who can carry the load, but when the straw comes in and breaks his back…it gets ugly.

Just think of the toilet paper as that straw.

For reasons NONE of us can remember, I completely lost it one day and informed my roommates that they needed to start buying their own toilet paper if they and their guests were going to continue using my bathroom.  Back then it was a drama-filled, tear-met roommate meeting…now it’s just a whole lot of tears and laughter.

It’s always good when we get together.  We’re older but we really haven’t changed much at all.  Few more gray hairs, a lot more kids.  You know, same, same.

Girlies, lovely to see you.  Next time, we’ll keep the margaritas in a glass, not via the stick.

Oh, and I’ll bring the toilet paper.

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  1. Verdina Louisa on December 24, 2009 at 10:04 am

    It's about time you had some pure, unadulterated fun! God bless your roomies for providing that, and for being with you for the surgery!

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