December Mania

After cleaning out some photo files the last couple of days, I realized how much I didn’t blog about this month!  Gee, why not? 🙂
Let’s take it from the top.
In early December, Scott and the girls ventured to “Santa in the Park” in our neighborhood.  It was complete with fire sirens – not sure what those have to do with Santa’s arrival, but whatever.  They got some candy, hot chocolate, a tour of the firetruck and a visit with Santa. Sweet.

Later, Nana, Papa and the boys enjoyed a “Breakfast with Santa” for a school event.  By the looks of the photos, they had a blast.  Me and Luke?  Yeah, guess we were on the naughty list.  No visits with Santa for us.

Tomorrow, I’ve got some oh-so-cute photos of brand new niece Ava along with some reindeer butts.  I know you’re dying to know what that’s all about.  So, check back in tomorrow morning.  I’m back in the saddle – finally!

Just as a sidenote, is the Santa with the boys authentic or what??

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