Top Nine: ‘Thank You’ is never enough

Today’s top ten became the top nine (see below)…We all know one (or two or more), a distinguished man or woman who served our country.  Our family is blessed to have several such heroes:

Papa Jack (WWII)
Grandpa Toots (WWII)
Uncle Joe Mack (Korea)
Dad Bill (Vietnam)
Cousin John (Gulf War, Iraqx2)
Uncle Buddy (Korea)
Uncle Troy (Korea)
Cousin David (currently serving)
Uncle James (Korea)
If you’re blessed to know such a fine folk, do this…call them, text them, send a note or say a prayer.  Tell them you appreciate their sacrifice.  Their service.  Their selflessness.  My take at least, is that we can never say ‘thanks’ enough.
Scott and I had the honor of visiting the Normandy beaches in France this spring.  That was one of the most humbling and moving days of my life.  We’ve spent time at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in D.C., walked the Vietnam Wall and seen the eternal flame.  We know that we’re able to sleep in our beds, practice our faith and raise our children in a free society because of them.
Happy Veterans Day.

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