It’s a Wonderful Life

Really, it is.  I think back to what a crazy, insane, emotional, wonderful, difficult year it’s been and I can’t believe Christmas is right around the corner.

A few weeks ago (yes weeks) we went to the mall before all the icky, germy, nasty droves of kids (because mine are sanitized, clean and wonderful) sat on Santa’s lap.  I must say, highly recommended.  No line.  Kids had plenty of time to chat with the big fella and there were no tears.  Actually, scratch that.  Clare did start to tear up, but with the sweet urging of the other siblings, she participated in “the picture.”  Reason #96 big families are a blessing 🙂  I did chuckle when the lady gave us the photo…um, little less tree, little more Luke, maybe?  Oh well.  They’re all smiling.  Wrap it up.  I suppose it’s less about the photo and more about the experience.

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