Take Five

While we’ve been living a dual life at the hospital and at home, our kids haven’t lost their sense of humor.  I usually save the “quotes of the week” for Fridays, but I thought I’d give you an early present today…

Here’s our best five…

1.  “It’s colder than the freezer outside!” – Will

2.  “Let’s get this party started.”  – John Paul, in reference to putting together the 1,000-piece “Texas” puzzle

3.  “Luke is sicker than a dog, right Mom?”  – John Paul (oh, and when we asked where he heard that, he threw Nana under the bus)

4.  “Mom, give Wuke a hug for me, but not too tight ’cause he’s little.”  – Anna-Laura

5.  “That lady sure can cook.”  – John Paul in response to one of the meals we got.

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