Top Ten: Being Pregnant

I decided before I hit L&D, I better jot down the things I love most about this chapter in my life. Because, as we all know, the greatest chapters are always over quicker than we thought possible. Oh, and yes, I’m one of those crazy ladies who adores this chapter of life no matter what the heat index may be.


1. Being able to eat ice cream at 11pm. Actually, I do that anyway, but I do it totally guilt-free for a glorious 9 months…which will culminate into 45 spectacular months of lactose indulgence.

2. Wearing maternity clothes. I should clarify, there is a stage where you feel “cute” and then the inevitable, “could I get any bigger?” phase. I’m a fan of the former, not the latter. Funny, though, the outfits I loved with each pregnancy turn into the ones that I don’t love in the next one, much to the dismay of my debit card.

3. Feeling the baby kick and get those hiccups. I remember the first time I felt Will kick and it was such a natural feeling. It finally made it real that I was carrying a little life inside. And, admittedly, I had a hard time delivering because I knew that I was going to have to share the babe.

4. The looks you get from other moms, especially grandmas. We were at church the other day and this 70-year-old lady just beelined for my belly and practically gave me a bear hug. I think she was more excited than me that I was having another baby. Yeah, but don’t think I haven’t gotten the, “you’re pregnant with what number child?” Those? I just ignore.

5. I can’t lie. When you’re chest-challenged, it’s nice to be able to wear dresses and actually fill out the top without any help from Victoria’s Secret.

6. Sitting in the nursery wondering what this child’s life will do to your own. The many hopes and dreams you have for him/her, how they’ll fit into the family, what the temperment will be, and just how overwhelmed with love you’ll be when the OB shouts out, “It’s a …!”

7. The pregnancy hair. I may not have ever felt the “glow” but me, and my hair stylist, most certainly have loved how much better the hair looks and grows. At four months post-partem the honeymoon ends, but I try to forget about that.

8. The pics. With Clare, I finally decided to get belly pics. I’m totally kicking myself for not doing it with the others. Rest assured, the appointment is already made with my favorite photographer and I’ll send you the link when they’re online. No matter how you feel about pregnancy or how miserable you may feel, you will want to document this chapter. Trust me.

9. The kid-free trips with Scott. With every pregnancy, we’ve taken a trip somewhere (Will: Napa Valley; John Paul: Italy; Anna-Laura: New York; Clare: San Diego; Baby W: France) to celebrate life before kids. It’s always been a renewing weekend for us and our marriage. Maybe that’s why I keep getting pregnant!

10. The miracle in which I get to take part. We talk big about “my pregnancy” or “my kids” but with every child, I’m reminded more and more that God could’ve chosen any way to bring life into this world. And yet, he chose this very personal, very spiritual experience. He is the giver of life. No doubt. There is no possible way to describe the emotions Scott and I have experienced in those 4 delivery rooms. It is life-changing and I feel honored to get to do it again.

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  1. amanda on August 5, 2009 at 12:52 pm

    I couldn't agree more. Although,I'll admit – there's a few things I'm not diggin' at all! The puking (yes still), the swollen feet, the millions of potty breaks and now the high heart rate. I suppose when I hold that little baby for the first time – it'll all be worth it and I won't even blink for the next babe.

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