I Heart San Antonio

Last weekend, we gave the girls to Uncle Daniel and Aunt Amanda and the boys to my parents, and jetted off to San Antonio. Scott and I have been fans of all things Riverwalk for a long, long time.

I’m pretty sure it started back in (dating myself here) February 1993. My brother was singing for the choir and had a gig in San Antonio, with Dad in tow. So, Scott and I loaded up in his Chevy pickup and headed to SA so Dad could meet this boy that was starting to steal my heart. If I remember correctly, Scott was wearing starched Wranglers, had a sweet cowboy hat and gave my Dad a pretty firm handshake. Dad’s exact words were, “Wow, that boy can shake a hand.” Indeed. It was love all around and the weekend we decided to make our dating o-fficial. The rest is, most certainly, history.

Since then, we’ve visited several times and always have a blast. We scored a sweet room at the Westin overlooking the Riverwalk, compliments of a free night stay coupon (love that). Fortunately, we were on the quiet end – no loud bars, drunken guests or blaring music. Perfect-o.

We {window} shopped a little up in Alamo Heights. Ate some out-of-this-world Italian food at Dough (you know us) and ended the day with some more good eats at Rosarios. I may regret telling you this later, primarily because we want to keep this little gem to ourselves, but we think Dough may have some of the best Italian food around. It made Texas Monthly’s #2 top spot to eat in SA and, they make their own fresh mozzarella everyday. When they run out, they close. My kinda place.

The quaint Mass at St. Mary’s, downtown, was charming. Afterwards, we asked the priest to give us a blessing on the occasion of our annivesary and he exclaimed, “You should’ve told me earlier, I would’ve made it a big deal. I mean, people just don’t stay married that long anymore!” Wow, and I didn’t think 13 years was that long!!

Dinner was at Rosarios – one of our favorite Tex-Mex places NO WHERE NEAR THE RIVER with fab live music. A little stroll down our quiet end of the Riverwalk and it culminated into the perfect evening.

Sunday morning, before heading back to reality, we stopped off in north SA to eat breakfast with one of our groomsmen from the wedding. After we started eating, we realized it had been 13 years, minus a day, that we had all last seen one another. Yikes. Yet, we all agreed we looked as fabulous today as we did 13 years ago…

All around, a truly fantastic weekend. Sorry for the lack ‘o pics. I really did bring our camera, but guess who forgot to charge the battery?? Thank goodness Scott had the crackberry.

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