The Greatest Generation

For once, I agree with a newcaster. Tom Brokaw was right when he called WWII veterans the greatest generation. I happen to be the proud granddaughter of one.
Omaha Beach
American Cemetery, near Caen, France
Pointe du Hoc
Let us not forget the signficance of today’s D-Day anniversary, nor the sacrifice that many of those men laid down for our continued freedom.

During our spring break trip to France, I wrote about that very poignant day. As I read accounts that President Obama would be visiting the cemetery and beach on it’s 65th anniversary, it caused me to take pause and remember the powerful emotions we experienced back in March. While the trip may be coined as a strategic political move, I’m more focused on what today really means.

That those men were brave, even if they didn’t know it at the time.

That our country’s moral compass has changed significantly since then.

That freedom is never free.

That I am thankful to be an American and even more proud to be Jack’s granddaughter.

Here’s to you, Papa, and all the many men who served with you. Here’s to the greatest generation. We have much to learn from you…

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