Freedom Isn’t Free

We’ve all heard that at one time or another. It’s probably even trite to say it again. But it’s true. A number of great men in our family, on both sides, have served/are serving in the military. As a family member we see a tiny slice of their sacrifice.

I am in awe of their courage.
This weekend, especially today, take 5 minutes to say a prayer of thanksgiving for that sacrifice. I know I will.
My dad just sent me this photo of the girls. While Scott and I packed the house this weekend, the girls went to Nana and Papa’s and the boys to Uncle Daniel and Aunt Amanda’s. Relatives…another reason to be thankful!! We got the house nearly packed – we lack about 3 boxes. Seeing this nearly made me cry this morning.
Posts may be intermittent the next few weeks, so hang with me. I’ll be back on my meds and posting regularly soon 🙂

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