First Communion!

Is that the face of a proud little boy, or what? Saturday evening, we journeyed up to the parish for Will’s First Communion. Now, as a convert, I had my first communion, along with confirmation, about an hour before my wedding. My fancy white dress with a veil, proud parents and nervous energy were for a totally different sacrament! To be on the other end, the convert Mom whose son was making his First Communion, was a rush of emotions. It’s difficult to eloquently express the pride, the love, the joy and the twinge of sadness Scott and I experienced on Saturday. But, I’m gonna give ‘er a whirl.

The family arrived early for pictures and a very special Godmom joined the bunch. La, it was an HONOR having you here. Thank you for bringing your sweet spirit and Fr. Kevin’s joy along with you. We certainly felt his presence and we are thankful you both are a permanent part of our family. Granny, we hope the day brought back some sweet memories for you as you reflected on Scott’s First Communion. Mom and Dad, thank you for being such supportive grandparents, being truly present – physically and spiritually – for all these moments. Cory and Jennifer, we know an illness with Master Alex kept you from being here in person, but we felt the prayers. Daniel and Amanda, you have no idea how happy we were to see both of you there. I know life was meant to take you to Louisiana on Saturday, Aunt Amanda, but having you here meant more than you know. Daniel, thanks for the squeeze when I saw Will step up on that altar…

As happy as these three were to see Will on his big day, I think they might’ve been more motivated by the promise of cake at the reception if they made good choices. Hey, we’re not above bribery.
Will and his buddes, Evan and Connor.

Is it me or do these guys look like they’re 80 and discussing last night’s game?

So sweet, so innocent and a wee bit mischevious. Love that.

The whole gang.

I know, stop with the cuteness, right?

One very happy second grader.

The tie. Always the tie. Dad had to do some straightening.

I think Dad was a little jealous Clare got the first sip and not him.

Clare was the hug bunny at the party afterwards.

Will, it is my prayer that you will someday know the happiness we experienced on your special day. First Communion is more than the sharp blazer, dashing tie, big smile and praying hands. It’s about something much more – the beginning of a beautiful relationship with God. When I joined the Catholic church 13 years ago (wow, has it been that long?), the Eucharist is what drew me to consider the conversion. Experiencing Jesus himself, not merely a symbol, in that bread of life has brought me peace. Peace in knowing that everyday we make mistakes, but there is always forgiveness and always love.
When your Dad and I watched you make those steps confidently up the altar to receive the Eucharist, we were overwhelmed with God’s presence. I think I gasped for a breath because it was so beautiful. YOU were beautiful. HE was beautiful. That moment will forever be etched in my mind.

I’m so proud to be your mom.


  1. Kelley on May 5, 2009 at 2:21 am

    Kathryn!! I can’t believe how grown up the boys looked. I really did tear up. Congratulations to Will. It really is a big step. That was so thoughtful of you to send Ethan a card. Thank you for thinking of him. The Whitaker Team was in fine form, the girls were so cute in their dresses!
    PS: we are keeping your house hunt in our prayers!

  2. Jennifer on May 5, 2009 at 9:06 pm

    I am proud to be his aunt! Way to go Will.

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