Top Ten: Election Observations

Since we haven’t read, seen or heard enough about Election ’08, I figured I’d throw the top ten in the ring. I don’t know about you, but I’ve been fascinated with all things political this year. But, please don’t confuse fascination with happiness.

There’s really so much to say. A good friend of mine said it quite well on his blog (Hat tip to Chuck). I’ll admit, I went to bed at 10:30. We knew the winner and I didn’t feel like listening to the pundits analyze the election to death. I just couldn’t do it. Scott stayed up until the wee hours, though.

We both woke up this morning talking about what is in store for our country. Then, our door opened and Will came in crying. He wanted McCain to win. In his world, he gets excited when the Aggies win or his soccer team scores a goal or when his class wins the food collection competition. When you’re 7, the world is a much simpler place…

Scott and I saw a great moment to teach our child about the political process. We live in a country where we get to voice our opinion, even if the outcome isn’t what we’d hoped. That’s a gift. But, it doesn’t mean you should stop voting – or caring – about the things in which you believe. If anything, we should care more.

Ok, enough rambling, on to the…


1. The country misses Tim Russert.

2. Some Catholic politicians need to do some serious soul-searching on life issues.

3. Sarah Palin is a firecracker. Wonder what she’ll do next?

4. John McCain is an honorable man, a really, really honorable man. He lives that whole “Country First” motto. A POW for 5 years? Unbelieveable.

5. Aside from all the gaffes, there is a side to Joe Biden that really fascinates me. Any person who lives through the tragic death of his wife and daughter has some serious life lessons to share.

6. Barack Obama is proof that there is still an American Dream.

7. If we could take all the frivolous money spent on campaign advertising, we might be able to make a serious dent in that national debt.

8. The mainstream media drives me nuts.

9. It’s going to be tough for the Obama girls to grow up under the microscope of the national media.

10. We need to pray for our national leaders – for their value set, for their life, for their wisdom. Being President is not for the faint of heart.

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