Top Ten: Our Day in Aggieland

Otherwise known as the other Holyland – Aggieland still carries the same qualities that drew Scott and I there more than a decade ago. Game day embodies what we love so much about AMC. From march-in, to passerby shouting “Howdy” to the occasional horn Hullaballo Canek! Canek! honk – there’s just something special about College Station. It may not have a major metropolitan airport or even a downtown, but I can’t think of a better place to spend 4 years of my life than wearing the maroon and white.

Saturday was the 100th anniversary celebration of yell leaders. Every year, the former yell leaders gather for a reunion and every 5 they hit the field and show off how well they remember (or don’t!) the yells. In light of a fantastic day, here are our…


1. Getting to go through the tunnel and stand on the field. I’m not sure if the picture really captures just how excited the kids were to be that close to those big football players. I guess it just captures how excited the big kids were 🙂

2. Seeing old friends. Recognize these guys? Scott ’95, Steve ’94 and Scott ’95. Mr. Mark left his tickets in the car and just missed the festivities. Man, the 1993-1994 season was a great one. We all just picked up where we left off. Fun times.

3. Seeing the offspring. Now we’re all parents. Weird. But fun to see little people running around that look like the people you spent way too many fun nights with at A&M.

4. Memory lane. Yes, we walked on it and it was fun. Little sore the next day, though.

5. Seeing the evolution of tradition. There’s just nothing like seeing 80 guys (Class of ’42 to ’08), stretched across the entire length of the field leading the Big 3. I’m telling you, it’s a good thing I was taking pictures, because I surely would’ve teared up otherwise.

6. Burgers at the Chicken Oil. Oh my, we were ready to eat before we even rolled into College Station. The burgers were still greasy. The cheese fries still messy. And, the atmosphere still the same. The kids are asking when we’re going back!

7. The kiss. I know it’s blurry, but the cuteness factor? It definitely made the top ten.

8. The Bonfire Memorial. Some of you may remember when Bonfire collapsed, killing 12 students. It’s a night we will never forget. In all the times we’ve been back to CS, I’ve never been. It was a moving experience. If you’ve never gone, make time to go.

9. Time as a family.

10. Good conversation. While the kids slept on the way home, Scott and I had a chance to visit. Those are always some of our best conversations. I love you. What a birthday weekend!!

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