Class Project

Last week, Will had to create a “sculpture” or “collage” for school, using only household items (buttons, toothpicks, cereal boxes, etc.) Since we have plenty of useless junk lying around, narrowing it down became the problem. They had a week to do this and guess who was up the night before getting it done?

After 5 days of trying to get Will to FOCUS and get this thing done, I put Scott in charge. 45 minutes later, the sculpture was complete. Why is that? I’m guessing that it’s the patience factor. The project really turned out great. He had alumnium foil snakes, sticky dots for flowers, a golf tee with a cotton ball on top for a tree – and my personal favorite – rocks from the playground for boulders. Yep, those came from inside his shoes. At least they weren’t cycling in the washing machine this week!

I’ve got it figured out, Scott is the math, science, class project guy. I’ll come in handy during the middle school and high school years when it’s history lesson and book report time. Here’s hoping.

Like father. Like son.

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