Soccer Camp

Last week wore us all out, but boy did we have fun. It was our last camp of the summer (sniff, sniff). Anna-Laura had the one-hour class, which was just enough time…for both of us.

While she learned, John Paul and his buddy Rhys played this game. Throw the ball up on the net and shake it like a crazy person until it comes down. If that doesn’t work, just climb on the net!

And when that got old, he bugged Clare.

John Paul and Anna-Laura with Coach Andy. Let me tell you…this guy was one of the most patient 19-year-old’s I’ve ever met. He was superb with the kids and I just loved hearing him talk in a British accent!

While the two tornadoes were off kicking and playing cowboys and indians, Will was getting some serious soccer game time. He was part of the “Holland” team (hence the orange shirt in some of the pictures). As a fellow soccer mom and I agreed, we have a whole new appreciation for organized soccer. For the ‘World Cup’ each day, the kids were grouped with some younger and some older. Of course, the younger ones desperately tried to get in there and play, but it was tough. I was really proud of Will. He had a great attitude and played beautifully, even in 95-degree heat.

Coach Azy. He was from Scotland – quite a nice chap.

Now we’re gearing up for the season of soccer which begins in about a month. Yes, I’m so looking forward to washing shin guards, uniforms, socks x2. Really, I am.

And then, dun, dun, dun…SCHOOL STARTS! Man, where did the summer go?

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  1. Jennifer on August 7, 2008 at 1:41 am

    That looks hot but a lot of fun. Anna-Laura looks awesome in the soccer gear.

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