Remember the Alamo!

Oh how Scott and I LOVE San Antonio. It’s the perfect blend of Tex-Mex, great food, history and, last weekend, time away with each other. Scott had Friday off, for the Feast of the Assumption, and we spent the day in San Antonio with the kids.

We started off with lunch at the Grist Mill (a family favorite for 4 generations!) and then headed to the Riverwalk for the boat ride. It was incredibly hot, but the kids had a great time and we didn’t have to have any heroic water rescues. Score in our book. Then, we skipped through the Alamo for a quick history tour.
(Just an FYI, later in the weekend Scott and I went back and did the audio tour. Amazing stuff. Next time you find yourself on hallowed ground, spend the $5 bucks and go on the tour. Yes, you’ll feel like one of those obnoxious tourists, but you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the Lone Star State and her heroes.)

My mom and Aunt Amanda (man, we love you two) met us in San Marcos for a kid exchange and Scott and I headed back to ‘ol San Antone for a weekend sans kids. That’s right 36 hours of hot food, sleeping in, uninterrupted conversation and no diapers. It was blissful. At first, I think we were really sad to leave the kids. I know that sounds a bit weird. Most people are like, “Seriously? 4 kids? And you’re sad?” Hey, as much as we wanted time away, it’s hard to extract yourself from what you do everyday and take a break. We did, though, and it wasn’t until we got there that we realized just how much alone time we were needing. Strange as it sounds, it really felt like a weekend AWAY. Except for the Olympics (of course), we didn’t keep up with anything else. I got a pedicure, Scott watched Cowboy’s football, went to Mass (twice!), toured some things in San Antonio that we really love and ate some great meals. SOME GREAT MEALS. Oh my. My stomach is still paying for that food. Certainly the most lively was Rosario’s on Saturday night. We watched Mr. Phelps grab #8, listened to some live music and had some awesome margaritas. My kind of night.

I simply can’t say enough great things about last weekend. The kids had a superb time at Nana and Papa’s while Scott and I enjoyed the time with each other. At Mass on Friday, I just knelt in the pew after communion ticking off the many blessings and in the process got a little teary-eyed. In this snowglobe of motherhood, sometimes (ok, a LOT of times) I forget just how good we have it. This weekend made me remember them all again.

Thank you God.
Thank you Scott.
Thank you Nana and Papa.

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  1. Debbie on August 20, 2008 at 12:15 pm

    We loved keeping the kids but we were happy to see the two of you, too! They are bundles of lovable energy. Glad you had a great weekend. Love you all.

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