Oh my, what a fun outing. Fun times were had by all. See pictures if you don’t believe me. Oh about the picture above? I know. John Paul.

We were the only folks in Buda that morning apparently. When I called the front desk before we left, Judy – the friendly Jardine’s lady – let me know that they only do tours for 10 or more and you have to call ahead. But, we ventured down there anyway. Hey, there was free hot sauce samples and chips involved. I was in.

Yes, not only did we polish off an entire jar of Cilantro Lime (Jardine’s only mild salsa) but an ENTIRE bag of chips as well. I’m sure the kids were thinking, “This tour is awesome! Mom’s letting us eat as many chips as we can stuff in our mouths!” One minor thing I forgot to pack was water. You know, that whole “when you eat hot sauce your mouth gets hot” kinda thing. So, in between crunching chips, dripping hot sauce all over their shirts and giggling, they were running back and forth to the water fountain. Which was out the door. Down the sidewalk. And, through another door. By the bathrooms. And, if you’re one of my kids you just can’t pass one of those up without using the facilities. I figure we did that for about 30 minutes.

Ok, so we finally run out of food and then decide to go on the “tour.” And I use that term quite loosely. It was basically us looking in about 3 windows. No lie. I’m not sure the conditions were sanitary as we peered through those windows, but they sure make a mean salsa. Maybe the window tour didn’t do it justice??

Out front, they had a huge area to play, rock and run. We did all three quite well.

I just love this photo of Clare and Aunt Amanda. Mandy, you were a trooper…as usual. It was fun to have you along – the kids are still talking about our next outing. Let’s see, what’s next????

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