Will had a great time at golf camp, and we really enjoyed the time at our “vacation house” (Nana and Papa’s digs). While Will was chipping, putting and driving, we were putting together puzzles, playing legos and eating popsicles. We even managed to get Clare to take naps somewhere other than her own crib…MAJOR milestone!

After lunch on Thursday, we headed to the back porch to eat said popsicles and guess who we saw driving on Hole 9? Master Will! Sorry for such a small Will, but I didn’t have the telephoto. John Paul was screaming, “We’re eating popsicles! We’re eating popsicles!” Anna-Laura just kept yelling, “Will! Will!” Very cute. Oh, and he hit a line drive right on the green. Dad would’ve been proud.

Will is such a gentleman. He earned “Best Etiquette” in his age group. I was not surprised. He is one polite kiddo and he loves learning about any sport, just like Scott. Looks like this camp is a keeper for next summer.

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  1. Debbie on July 14, 2008 at 7:14 pm

    I’m a very proud Nana! Not surprised that Master Will got “Best Etiquette” – he’s a prince!

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