College Roomies Reunite!

Well, aren’t you lucky? TWO posts in ONE day!

If my trek to Dallas to see two of my former college roommates wasn’t enough, one of my other roommates and I met up last weekend, just outside of Marble Falls (about an hour west of Austin). Janathan (sorry, that was our name for her, her real name is Jan) and Leighton have three VERY adorable kids – Zack (8), Caleb (6) and Sarah (4-1/2). Our kids had a great time, it was like they were old friends. The crazy thing is that Jan grew up in South Texas but now lives in my old hometown. As a matter of fact, her kids go to the same elementary school I did. Weird, isn’t it?

Anyhoo, enough background information. Marble Falls was a happenin’ place last Friday. The kids went out on the boat and swam in the lake with the dads, while Jan and I caught up with each other.

It was like I just saw her last week. She still has the greatest laugh. And, we remembered all the same funny stories. Even though we hung out for 3 hours and didn’t get home until nearly midnight, it just wasn’t enough time.

Look at this view! Their rent house was right on Lake LBJ. Now that I could get used to!!

Thanks for a great dinner, you two. We miss ya.

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