Top Ten: All about Clare

Saturday is it. The day officially, at least according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, when she goes from being a baby to a toddler. Heavy sigh. God is a funny guy. With my first (and even second), I think I was so overwhelmed at how much work these babies were that I thought it would get easier. What I realize now, is that IS the easy part. At least emotionally. It was alot of physical work, alot of sleepless nights, but alot of joy and excitement about being a mom. So, here we are, on the threshold of our fourth kiddo turning one. There are so, so many things I love about the time in life we measure in months. And, there are some things that I don’t miss. But, mostly I’m going to be nostalgic on you today. Forgive me.


1. Baby snuggles. Yes, your kids do it when they’re older, but nothing beats a baby just burying her head in your neck. God designed that perfectly, didn’t he? They snuggle and you get to kiss them on the head. Love it.

2. Babbling. She’s not yelling things like, “Mommy, I don’t like you anymore, I only like Daddy” or “Ewww, that’s lunch?” Nope, just babbling away, blowing raspberries, happy as can be.

3. Nursing. I know I have to end sometime (we’re down to 3 feedings and my body has definitely gone into shutdown mode), but I’m going to miss that time with Clare. Thank you, God, for giving me that year. It’s been precious.

4. Onesies. I wish they made these for adults. Can I tell you how many times I ask the boys to tuck in their shirts???

5. Baby face. Her little cherub face, her toothless grin have already given way to 5 teeth. I just love those cheeks. Man, I’m gonna miss those. That, and not getting bit. Her new trick is chomping on your shoulder – yowza.


1. Seeing her personality emerge. If you know my children at all, you know that while they have mine and Scott’s DNA (sometimes I do wonder), they are all uniquely independent. I can’t wait to see what it’s in store for Clare. My hunch is she’s our female version of John Paul. Those two can’t get enough of each other.

2. Table food. Seriously? Is baby food skyrocketing or what? It’s a total racket. And, now that we’re on this organic kick, it’s kicking our tail. Could someone please remind Clare that table food is good – she seems to fancy rocks, legos, grass, leaves and any leftover food on the floor as opposed to what we put in front of her. Hey…that’s it! I’ll just put all her food on the floor and then she’ll eat! Brilliant.

3. Walking and running. Since my predictions were right on, and yet another Whitaker made it to the one-year mark with no walking, I have hope that she’s getting close. It will be fun (for me) to watch her run after her brothers and sister (not for them, though). Then, the fun begins. No toy will soon be safe!

4. Interacting with Anna-Laura. Finally, our little princess will have a girl playmate who loves babies, tea parties, coloring, sunglasses and princesses as much as her. Having them as playmates will be fun…for both of ’em.

5. Talking. One of the sweetest sounds is hearing those first few months of talking. They say some of the cutest things (which, of course, you’ll read about here!)

I’m off to VBS and then back for a busy couple of days. John Paul did not end up having his test at the hospital Tuesday. Long story that I’ll share in another post…his new test is next Thursday.

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