Let the camps begin…

Summertime means water, late mornings, flip flops and CAMP!! Will started “Art Camp” this week with his “most favorite” teacher, Ms. I. She is phenomenally talented, so patient and the first teacher we heard about when Will started school. We are really going to miss her next year when she moves to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

Each year, the kids do some amazing art pieces using different mediums, different paints and techniques. My dad, a commercial art major himself, was quite impressed with Master Will’s creations last year. The capstone is an “Art Show” on Friday. Not only do the kids show off their talent, but they create a unique 1′ x 5′ canvas based on a theme. It’s so cool to see how the kids interpret the theme differently. Will gave me a hint today, “It has to do with Vincent Van Gogh, Mom. I can’t tell you anything else.” So, the suspense will build until Friday. Stay tuned for pictures of THE SHOW!

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