Weekly Fun

Wednesday was a good day. We made chocolate chip cookies. That makes any day a good day. I had two great helpers, although only my proud Aggie would pose for this one. He and Anna-Laura were great “testers” of the dough. Clare just sat in the floor and banged on a cookie sheet. Yes, she’s #4. No Fisher Price toys are good enough for her.

On Friday, the kids were into coloring. At least they colored in the coloring books ON the pages and NOT on one another. And, the quiet lasted about 15 minutes. It gave me some time to take some pictures and take in the moment. Sometimes your kids let you do that, take a step back and savor parenthood before putting them in timeout.

Do you see it? Clare’s nap face? I LOVE nap face. She still has handprints on her forehead from her morning nap. Nap head is good too, but not nearly as cute as nap face. Oh, I hope she’s not our last…

This is Clare’s “almost” crawl. You know the kind where she almost gets going and then smacks back down on her behind and everyone in the rooms says, AWWWW. We are so almost there. Hooray! A Whitaker that crawls! Call Guinness.

Scott and I were blessed with a fantastic date night (or gate night as John Paul so eloquently said) with just the girls. Uncle Daniel and Aunt Amanda took the boys for a sleepover, lego building, Buster harrassing, video game playing, eating pizza but don’t tell mom and dad what else evening. They rock. We took the girls to Phil’s Ice House over on Burnet here in Austin. Yes, we’ve lived here 5 years and are just making it over there. Lots ‘o room for kids to play, cold beer, fabulous food and outdoor eating. It was awesome. We even ran into people we knew. A sure sign we’ve been here a while 🙂

Tonight we’re off to spend some time sans kids while my parents take the four tornadoes for the evening. And, then, it’s Mother’s Day. YES!

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