Party Pics!

After planning 11 birthdays that were all about trains, firefighters, construction, football, bowling and the like, it was so much fun to plan a girly, girl party for Anna-Laura’s big numero 3. When we asked her what she wanted to do for the party, she said, “I want a pink bufday!” So, pink it was.

We had five little girls over for a garden party. They planted flowers (pink, of course), decorated their pots with handprints, ate a garden lunch, enjoyed the dirt cups and gummy worms, played and laughed. What fun. Martha Stewart would be proud. At first the birthday girl was shy, but she came around and started asking all the girls if they wanted something to drink. Too cute. So, to Emma, Erin, Savannah and Madelon, thanks for making the day so special!

This was one of the sweetest photos taken from the day.

Um, who’s more excited???

Big ups to Uncle Daniel for taking such outstanding photos. There’s one thing I’ve learned about documenting birthdays…hire a good Uncle with no kids and a great wife to help with everything else 🙂

I should explain this one. There were 4 older brothers there, most of which are BIG fans of Captain Underpants. So, I guess it wasn’t as girly as I thought.

The dirt cups were delish.

This was her reaction to one of her favorite gifts, from Godmother Lynne. We were also thrilled that her Godfather was able to make the party. She wasn’t as cooperative then for photos, but it was great to see you Fr. David!


  1. Alexis D. on May 22, 2008 at 10:17 am

    okay, so I think I want a garden party for my next birthday!! do you think I’m too old?? looks like a fun time!

  2. Jennifer on May 26, 2008 at 2:28 pm

    Looks like such a fun party Kathryn. I love that the flowers are pink too.

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