Softly call the Muster…

TODAY is a GREAT day to be an AGGIE. Well, actually every day is, but today is especially sweet. Not only is it San Jacinto Day (thank you Mom!) but it’s the day Aggies around the globe celebrate our most cherished tradition, Aggie Muster. For you non-Aggies (or any 2%ers out there), I’ll give you a brief 101. Aggies “muster” each year on April 21 to eat a little, drink a little and talk about our days at A&M. But, our primary purpose is to honor those Ags who have died in the previous year. Each A&M Club is given a roster of those in their area that have passed on, his/her name is read, a candle is lit and an Aggie answers “here.” It’s moving stuff. And, it reminds me of some precious time spent at the campus Muster. Reason #12 to be an Aggie 🙂

And, big props to my hubby tonight. He’s the Muster speaker for the Marble Falls A&M Club. He shared this website with me – who knew it existed? – and it made me smile. I hope it does the same for you…and perhaps even gives you yet another Aggie joke to share with friends.

Photo courtesy of the Association of Former Students at

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