Snapshots: Friday Fun

K’nex. If you don’t have ’em, man are you missing out.

Will was “Superstar” (knee down, hands in the air) this week at school. Which, when you’re in first grade, definitely falls in the cool category. You get to go first in line – lunch being the most notable, have show ‘n tell everyday, special guests eat lunch with you (mom and dad still fall in this category!) and have someone come read a book on Friday afternoon before dismissal. Will gave me that honor today and it was a riot. We read Dr. Seuss’ “Clam-I-Am” and the kids had a million questions. Note to self: never ask 22 first-graders if they’ve ever been to a beach before. Will’s teacher had to jump in and save me so we could start the book. Thanks for the lifering Mrs. F.

We ended the week with a Happy Hour run to Sonic while Dad held down the fort at home. What a fun week. Give it up for Mr. Superstar.

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