Jury Duty

I was surprised (and admittedly, a little excited) about what I found in the mailbox yesterday…a jury summons! I guess that’s what voting will get you, right? I perused the listing of qualifications and chuckled at some of the “check boxes”, for example:

I am of sound mind. (that is negotiable in my current state)
I can read and write. (um, if I can’t tell me how I could even read this summons????)
I am 18 or older. (sadly, yes)

But, because I have kiddos under 10 that would be “unsafely unsupervised” if I left them at home without me (perhaps they wouldn’t notice if I left Dora the Explorer on TV and some snacks on the coffee table?), I’m officially excused. Did it all online. But, it does make me wonder…is this a demographic that the courts could use? Pardon me a moment while I step up on my soapbox. Seems to me like stay-at-home moms and dads have a unique perspective to offer any jury.

1. We can spot a liar a mile away. Just ask my kids.
2. We demand sincere apologies. If they don’t happen, you lose privileges.
3. We don’t have much patience for wasting time. We’ve got a schedule to keep, people. Next case?
4. We work all day at getting our kids to make “good choices” and walk them through ways to make those choices when they screw up. Forget community service, send those delinquents to my house for an afternoon and we’ll whip them in shape.

Ok, I’m done. Maybe I’ll get called again, maybe not. But, it was fun to think about what “could’ve been.” 🙂


  1. andersontheology.com on April 11, 2008 at 7:34 pm

    You make a number of excellent points! I think I’ll use them during questioning when I report for my own jury duty on Monday morning. Certainly the defense attorneys will remove me with great haste!

  2. Lisa on April 12, 2008 at 1:40 am

    Soooooo true! I never thought about that…probably because when I was summoned, I DID have adequate care so I got to experience it. I was chosen too…very, very interesting. I really enjoyed it!

    Talk soon!

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