Top Ten: Ode to Indiana

“Back home again in Indiana…” (sing with me)

While the old saying is true (You can take the kid out of Texas, but you can’t take Texas out of the kid), Scott and I were able to spend 5 precious years in Indiana which we cherish very much. This Easter season, we ventured back for a long weekend and the trip did not disappoint. It was super-fantabulous. This week’s top ten is dedicated to our trek cross country. Buckle your seatbelts and get comfy…

BEST MEMORIES FROM OUR INDIANA TRIP (in chronological order!)

1. The plane ride – going and coming. And, NO, that is not a typo. Four flights, no delays, no lost luggage, no screaming fits, no throwing up, no bomb threats, minimal sibling rivalry and multiple passenger comments about our children’s nice behavior. We were prepared for the worst, but God gave us the best. I’ll give a shout out to all those folks praying for safe travels – God heard.

2. Our hosts, Tim & Cathy, and their four children. Y’all are amazing. You doubled your house size overnight and were gracious enough to host an open house for our friends to come visit. Thanks for the late-night talks, the vino, the fruit salad (Cathy, we still need the recipe!!) and your friendship. Our kids are still talking about when we get to go back to Paul and Michael’s house. Taylor, thanks for the egg hunt – the kids loved it. And, Maria, you were such a patient playmate with Anna-Laura. She so loved having another girl to pal around with.

3. The Children’s Museum. Ok, so you think you’ve been to the best? Blogger reader, let me introduce you to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum. Museum, meet blogger reader. W-O-W. This was cool when we lived there and it’s even cooler now. This is a four-floor, sub-basement, moving carousel, IMAX converted to an interactive dinosphere, one-story slide, awesomest (yes, that’s a word), kick butt museum. Oh, and the kids had a blast, too. Neal and Melanie, thanks for joining our crazy crew!!

ok, ok, I’ll stop with the museum photos – there’s just so many!!

4. Visiting with friends. Even though many miles separate us now, you each had a significant impact on our family. Lots ‘o laughs and lots ‘o reminiscing about the good old days, PC (pre-children). It was great seeing each of you over the weekend. Now, come visit US!! Central Texas is great in April – sunny, 75 and lots of wildflowers, no snow…

5. Spending time with the Godparents. Most of the kids’ Godparents live in Indy and they were a big reason we headed back to the Crossroads of America for the Easter holiday. Fr Kevin, Carla, Gachia, Lynne, Fr Richard and Cathy – the time spent with each of you was precious. Truly, it was. And, to the “fathers” we know it was especially difficult for you to pull a Padre Pio and bilocate between your Godchildren and church during the holiest week of the year. Thank you.

I just had to throw this one in…Ray, you and Max looked too cute!

6. The Easter egg scavenger hunt / egg dying. Taylor, Cathy’s oldest daughter, orchestrated this event for Saturday afternoon. The kids wore themselves out running all over the house in search for the eggs. Then, we headed to the garage to color Easter eggs. What fun!

John Paul telling Paul and Tim just how many Easter eggs he found.

7. The Easter Bunny! Need I say more? We did learn that the Indiana Easter Bunny hides his baskets, perhaps he will remember that when he visits us in Texas next year!

8. Mass at Our Lady. There’s just something about familiar voices, songs and surroundings that make a holiday that much more special. For us, it was a bit surreal to think that when we left Indy five years ago, we had Master Will. When we came back, our quiver is now a busy 4! We are blessed and this Mass reminded us of that. Alleluia!

9. Celebrating Will’s 7th birthday with Fr Kevin and the Ericksons. The last birthday we all celebrated together was numero uno. Will was smiling so hard his cheeks almost broke. What a big man. What a happy day.

10. Not losing any luggage. We managed to make it home with 7 suitcases, 2 carseats, 3 backpacks, 1 diaper bag, 1 double stroller, 6 coats, 4 hats, 1 toy bag, 4 kids, 2 tired parents and a partridge in a pear tree.

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