Top Ten: Things I Love about Texas

In honor of our great state’s birthday on Sunday, March 2, I decided to pay her a compliment. Hey, I say, “TEXAS, what’s not to love?”


1. We really are the “Friendly State”, except of course when you’re on I-35, going northbound through downtown traffic at rush hour. People are so nasty. But, other than that 3-hour window, you’ve got it made.

2. Tex-Mex & BBQ. When Scott and I were living in Iowa and Indiana doing “missionary” work, we missed this stuff like crazy. We would come back to the Lone Star State and stuff ourselves full – to the gills, people. There was this place in Indiana “Carlos & Charlies” that was supposed to be Tex-Mex. HA. Does that even sound remotely Tex-Mex? To be authentic there must be at least one Spanish word, i.e. “Dos, Migas, Tres, CHUY’s“. You get the point.

3. Austin / Hill Country. Yes, it is enemy territory and living behind the Orange Curtain is a challenge, but we manage. It’s warm enough to wear shorts in December and we see snow on TV. My kinda place to live. We just bypass that little state college downtown and we do alright. Plus, the flowers along the highways during spring are just breathtaking. Thank you Lady Bird.

4. The accent. People actually understand (and appreciate) that southern drawl. I have a barrel of stories about how folks misunderstood me when we lived in Indiana, but my two favorites are this: After ordering an ICED TEA, the waitress brought me an ASTI SPUMANTE. Yeah, no lie. And, even funnier was when I asked the checker at the grocery store for a bag of ICE (keep in mind this may sound like a#* when said with a Texas drawl). I thought she was going to knock herself unconscious on the cash register. It took a manager and me spelling the word to get the goods. Sheez.

5. The State Capitol. I’m a sucker for good history. When your mom is a Texas History teacher you don’t really have a choice. She and I (ok, mostly SHE) know the capitol like the back of our hands. Chocked full of good stories, a little controversy and lots of history – this place rocks.

6. BLUE BELL. Did you know the two brothers that own it are Aggies? Of course they are. Only an Aggie can come up with something that good. After going into early labor with Clare after visiting Brenham, I have half a mind to think that’s what put me in labor to begin with. Banana Split, two scoops, please.

7. Palo Duro Canyon. If you’ve never made it past the Red River and ventured to the Panhandle (yes, it’s flat, but at least you can see the sunset!) you’re missing out. For those that don’t know, I’m a Panhandle Girl and NO, West Texas is not the same thing as the Panhandle. It’s a little known secret up there, great for hiking, seeing awesome sunsets and enjoying the outdoor musical, TEXAS.

8. A&M v. t.u. showdown which is now BACK TO TURKEY DAY!!! It was always fun giving t-sips an upset stomach after a nice Thanksgiving Day meal. Here’s hoping Coach Sherman can deliver come November.

9. Schlitterbahn. Say that fast 5 times. You just did it, didn’t you?? Voted the #1 water park for, like, a decade, this place puts 6 Flags to shame. We plan on taking the kids this summer. It’s our incentive to lose some weight and find a swimsuit that covers up my hips from 4 kids. Right, that’ll happen.

10. That we can fly our flag at the same height as the U.S. flag. Petty, I know. But what other state can say that? I think it’s pretty cool. Who’s for electing our own President since the choices are SO great and becoming a Republic again?? No takers?

BONUS: What State Governor served two unconsecutive terms and has two pictures in the Capitol rotunda? If you google it, you’re cheating!!!

So, go enjoy some fun festivities this weekend as we say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEXAS!!


  1. fairtex on February 29, 2008 at 3:43 pm

    Ma Ferguson. Is it cheating if you’ve been to the capitol building over a dozen times?

  2. Kathryn on February 29, 2008 at 7:56 pm

    ding, ding, ding – we have a winner

    and, are you sure it isn’t more like TWO dozen times??

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