Theology on Tap

On Tuesday evening, Scott and I were invited to speak to a really cool group, Theology on Tap. It’s a young group of Catholics (21-35, so Scott and I just slid under the mat on this one) that discuss various aspects of Christianity. Our topic? “Are Men and Women Really Created Equal?”

To be honest, this was a tough topic for Scott and I. We turned to scripture, four passages to be exact, and reflected on our life experiences during the past 11 years as a married couple. It really gave us an opportunity to talk…about us…something that doesn’t happen often. Our conversations usually center around kids’ poop, kids’ schedules and kids’ eating habits. So, this was a refreshing break from all that. To give you the cliff notes on the speech, we talked about the differences in the definition of equality from a secular and spiritual sense. Our bottom-line charge was, “Who cares if we’re equal?” As in marriage, sometimes you make the deposits and sometimes you make the withdrawals. But, ultimately, we’re in this together. God gives us all a different cross to bear. So, while your neighbor’s might look lighter, God has hand-crafted it for them. Don’t ever doubt his intentions.

All in all, it was a great “date night.” Good food. Good fellowship. Good times. We’ll have to do that again sometime.

Tomorrow we’ll have pictures of THE CAST. Exciting times here in Whitakerland…

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