Wednesday Top Ten: What I Didn’t Get Done Today

Well, this started out as an ode to John Paul and his many faces over the past 4 years (see sad attempt above). But, as evidence by today’s top ten, that didn’t happen. See Item #1.

1. Post pictures of John Paul’s birthday on the blog.
2. Brush my teeth. (I know sometimes it’s too much information, isn’t it?)
3. Have 2 girls nap for any length of reasonable time.
4. Cook dinner.
5. Order my eyeshadow from Mary Kay. May not seem like a big deal to you, but this has been on the “list” for about 5 weeks now. Looks like it’s now 5 weeks, 1 day.
6. Pray. Ok, I should clarify. I did pray, but it was mostly, “Please Lord, just give me 5 minutes without someone yelling in my ear, spitting up on my shoulder, screaming that they don’t like lunch (hey I did do that today!!)…”
7. Eat dinner. Do 3 slices of cheese and chips and queso count?
8. Write thank you notes from the party. I know it’s the Type A in me. But, to be honest, John Paul opened them so fast, I don’t remember what’s Christmas and what’s birthday. So, if you get a thank you for something you didn’t give, keep it to yourself.
9. Go the cleaners. Shhh…don’t tell Scott. He thinks I’m so good at remembering!
10. Make anyone’s beds, pick up toys, wash dishes. Oh well, it happens. And you thought I always kept a clean house – HAH!

I promise next week’s will be much better. And, TOMORROW I’ll have pictures. Thanks for being patient.

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