Top Ten: Things I’ve Learned Since Becoming a Mom

I feel like I could write a book on this week’s top ten, but I don’t have that much time!! Oh, and sorry for the lack of pictures. The camera took a nasty fall from the bar last week and the lens is a goner. Be patient, we’ll be back with pictures soon.


1. That it’s possible to love other human beings so much that it hurts. I love my husband, but you love your kids in a whole different way. Just 7 months ago (wow, where did that time go?) I was holding minutes-old Clare and telling Scott that I was already madly in love. For some moms it takes a while for that whole bonding thing to happen. For me, it was instant.

2. That I could love Scott more today than when we were married. Seeing Scott as a Dad is just, so, well…those that are in our shoes understand 🙂 Back in 1996 when we married we thought we were so in love. We were. But now it’s grown-up love. God has given us life experience, we’ve suffered through a miscarriage, coped with the loss of a parent, survived a move cross-country and we’re sure God has many more lessons to teach us. With each one, we grow up a bit more. And, fortunately, we’re growing in faith together which makes that love thing even sweeter…

3. That my relationship would change, for the better, with my parents. I don’t know about you, but my parents got smart all of a sudden. Not sure how that happened. Maybe night school. I’m beginning to understand them even more with each new “phase” of our life. Thanks Mom and Dad.

4. That I really do mean it when I say to my kids that “it hurts me more than it hurts them.” (the line I SWORE I would never use). To be honest, the whole discipline thing was harder to grasp that we imagined. First we were spankers, but that didn’t pan out and we both hated doing it. The kids respond well to time-outs or loss of privileges and we still have the occasional meet-Jesus meeting. But, that’s for big-time offenses.

5. That I could survive on so little sleep. You just think you’re tired, then you have kids and “rested” becomes relative. Just last night we got 5 hours, 5 whole hours. Oh, did I mention those were NOT consecutive??? The last time we slept through the night was March 25, 2001.

6. That I would love nursing as much as I do. I’m one of those hippy mommas that nurses her kids to age 1. Loved. Every. Minute.

7. That I would become such a germaphobe. Just last week Scott was laughing at me for wiping down the doorknobs with Clorox wipes (that’s a whole other top ten, “things I can’t live without”). But, when one kid gets “it” they all do and that’s bad for all of us. See #5.

8. That being a mom would be so bittersweet. As a wise mom once told Scott and I…with every new accomplishment you’re so proud of your kids, but it’s also the realization that it’s one less thing they need you for. Sigh. Clare is already sitting up by herself. Anna-Laura is potty-trained. John Paul is not. Will can read. Cases in point. All I do around here is cook dinner!

9. That it’s possible to do massive amounts of laundry (at least 10-12 loads a week) and still never get done. Why is that? Sometimes I feel like Mr. Incredible…”I just cleaned this place, can’t we keep it clean for like 10 minutes? 10 Minutes!!”

10. That it’s the only job title you have for life. HOORAY!

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