The results are in…

On Saturday, Will competed in the P.S.I.A. competition (UIL for private schools) in creative writing and storytelling. In creative writing, they give them 3-4 pictures and ask the students to write a paragraph about the pictures. He loved this one, but didn’t place in the top three. Bummer. He also competed in storytelling where each child is read the story, then they have to re-tell the story to a panel of judges. Again, no top 3 finish. Bummer, bummer. BUT, he was jazzed that he got to see his friends and play Pokemon Tag on the playground. (don’t ask us what that is, we have no idea!!) We were so proud of him and have no doubt that in future years he will find his event and knock everyone’s socks off!

Will…we’re proud of your effort big guy!!

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