May We All Dig Deep as Easter Draws Near

Source I stood in my dorm room, willing myself not to chicken out. “Just go,” my best friend urged me. “It’s only lunch. If the blind date is a bust, you’ve only wasted an hour.” She had a point. That blind date in the Corps of Cadets dining hall at Texas A&M turned into the…

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Filling Our To-Do Lists with Thanksgiving

Filling our to-do lists with thanksgiving has a whole lot to do with us, and a whole less with others.

Several years ago, back when I was the mama of one, I found myself in the confessional. I was feeling overwhelmed with life. My baby wasn’t sleeping through the night, I had just left my full-time career to become a stay-at-home mom, showering was infrequent at best and our financial life was stressing me out.…

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Skiing the Slopes of Motherhood Together

“Ski with people better than you!” my mom yelled at me from the top of the slopes in Angel Fire, N.M. Of course, I was terrified to find myself staring down a double black diamond with a bunch of teenage boys filled with zero fear. It was then I wondered if I should throw her…

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