A Stellar Star Wars Birthday Bash

Have a Star Wars fanatic on your hands? This party is full of fun food ideas, party games, decorations and party favors to make your next galactic shin dig a total blast.

Star Wars. The theme we loved so much we partied twice. Shortly after the first Star Wars shindig, John Paul said, “Wouldn’t that be fun to do for mine?” Yes, yes it would. Honest point of planning though – doing a party for 100 was much easier than for 10. I think it was all…

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May the Party Be With You: A Star Wars Shindig

Have a Star Wars fan in your life? This party is full of food ideas, party games, fun details and creative party favors to make your Jedi Knight one happy boy or girl.

I hear there’s a small, low-budget film coming out today. {insert all the crying laughing emojis} Star Wars has been a film for the ages, literally.┬áJust about every boy I know (and his dad) loves the film and all those Yoda quotes. Throw in a light saber war and they’re fans for life. But, this…

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