Anybody Else on the Struggle Bus?

I’ve been struggling…for a while. No need to get specific with how many weeks, right? God bless my friends who are “thriving” in quarantine. I mean, I think we all have our moments of thriving. And we are absolutely having some. It’s what is keeping me afloat. A few days ago, after participating in a…

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4 Way to Help Our Kids Navigate Social Media

Gone are the days at the pool, mornings filled with singing Vacation Bible School songs and evenings eating ice cream and chilling with neighbors. Summer is over and no one is sadder about that than me. It’s like a vacation from my real life. Time to buckle down, though. School is in full swing and…

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The Thing We’re All Failing At…Miserably

Every parent does it, yet none of us wants to admit it.

A thousand hours I have spent thinking, praying and pondering this subject. That is not an exaggeration. If you’re the parent of a tween or teen, then I suspect you have, too. It seems as if our kids are growing up – fast – thanks to the information superhighway and social media. When I put…

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Parents, Quit Lying About This

Every day, every single one, I see this happening. Not only does it bother me, I think it's really, really hurting our kids.

I see it at least once a day. And I have to be brutally honest, it drives me bananas. My 12-year-old and I were chatting about the usual – sports, sports and sports. Then, the conversation shifted to cell phones, social media and who has the coveted mobile device. At our house, we tend to…

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