First Communion: The After Party

Planning a First Communion party for your son or daughter? Get ideas for party food (including cake, cookies, munchies and drinks), along with printables, flower and design ideas. Make this party as special as the Sacrament itself!

Y’all will get the full 411 on Clare’s big day this week. But first, let’s talk sugar and fajitas, shall we? If you’ve been reading the blog for any amount of time, you know how much I dig the party. Always have. Just ask my mom. A few weeks ago, I shared how to plan…

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Love is in the Details: Preparing for an Easter Feast

I hope you haven’t given up on Lent.  The holiest week of the year is nearly upon us and even if these (almost) 40 days haven’t been what you hoped, there’s still time to jump on the train. If Gary Chapman’s book, The 5 Love Languages, had one more language I’m really hoping it would…

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Gamers Gonna Game: A Birthday Party for the Video Game Lover

Time to get your game on. This video game birthday party has activities, creative (and tasty!) favor ideas and a rockin' dessert table.

Some kids love hard-core gaming. My boys? Give them NBA2K15 or Madden 15 and you won’t see them for hours. We do love us some sports at Team Whitaker, both the virtual and the real. So, when our 11-year-old asked for the game truck, I said yes. The best part is it pulls up to…

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Choo Choo! All Aboard for a Train Birthday

Is there anything more purely boy than a choo-choo train? Being the mom of three menfolk, I’m no stranger to some rough and tumble parties – from rock concerts to hunting and fishing and Avengers to cowboys – we’ve ended only one with a broken arm. When I read about this amazing place, I knew it was…

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A Relaxing Spa Birthday Party

Cue the Enya, it’s time to relax. This year, because we did the whole “let’s have a baby” gig in early May, I decided to save my sanity and combine the girls’ birthday parties. Smartest move ever. Back in November (yes, really), I conspired with the girls, helped them choose a theme and took advantage…

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