HDYDI: Pack for {Next Year’s} Summer Camp!

Ah, you’re home. The kids are wiped out, the laundry is finally done and the memories and photos are aplenty from summer camp. Time to focus on starting a new school year, right? Maybe. Because I served as a camp counselor and was a camp kid myself, here’s a few small things you can do…

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HDYDI: Pack for Summer Camp

Is your son or daughter headed to summer camp? Raise a flashlight! This has packing tips for your teenager or elementary-aged child. These easy ideas are sure to keep your sanity intact and your child ready for an awesome summer!

Raise a flashlight if you’ve been to summer camp. Raise something alcoholic if you’ve ever packed your child for one. This summer, I packed both my boys for a one-week, “away from home” sports camp. Talk about an educational experience. I’ve been a camper, a counselor and now a parent to a camper. With that…

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