A Quick Five: Nuns, Quitters and a Love for all Things British

Our life in five. Minutes, that is. I have a mother-in-law headed into town, an end-of-season basketball tournament and a huge 4-H competition for the kids coming up in the next few days. But, I kinda feel like it’s been forever since I just chatted about life here at Casa Whitaker. First things first. It’s…

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7 Reasons Catholic School Matters

Do you desire a Catholic school education for your child? You just might be surprised at how it changes your kids, and your family.

We all expect our kids to be changed through a Catholic school education, right? But who knew I’d be changed, too? Earlier this week, I shared the biggest Catholic school myths. Trust me, I’ve heard every argument against Catholic school. Seen every statistic. Listened to every story-gone-wrong. I know this much is true: no educational…

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5 Myths About Catholic Schools

Interested in learning more about Catholic schools? If you think it might be the right place for your son or daughter, this post shares some of the biggest Catholic schools myths and why they just might have it all wrong.

It’s Catholic Schools Week, so I pray you’ll indulge me. We’ve been Catholic school parents for more than a decade and with five kids currently enrolled, high school to kinder, we’ve learned a few things along the way. I think it’s important to note that my husband and I are both products of the public…

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5 Questions Every Catholic School Parent Should Be Asking the Principal

Have a child enrolling in a Catholic school? These five questions, directed at your school principal, should give you a better sense of the school and if it's the right fit for you and your child.

It’s Catholic Schools Week! I’m gushing this week about why we love it so and dishing on five questions every parent should be asking the principal, a letter to prospective Catholic school parents, the very best gala class project ideas and there’s even an interview with my own kids in the works. Fun week! Let’s…

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