Boys & Guls

Today, we split the "team" in half. The boys (Scott, Will, John Paul and Papa) all made the trek to College Station for a basketball game, Aggies vs. Rice. You start to question if the land down under has officially frozen over when you're more excited about Aggie basketball than football...They had a super fabulous day. And, the highlight was getting pictures taken with the yell leaders. Duh, of course!! As a former yellboy himself, Dad was pretty proud, too.The ...

I love my husband

Have I mentioned lately just how much I love my husband? He took down all the outside Christmas decorations...with no complaints!! And, if the looks of the neighborhood are any indication, Christmas is officially over. But, we still have our traveling wisemen and they don't arrive in Bethlehem until Epiphany Sunday, January 6. A couple of years ago, we started that tradition and the kids love it. Every night we "move" the wisemen and the kids have to find them. ...

December 28: 6 Month Update

Hard to believe our little Clare Bear is already six months. Of the first 12 months, I think 6 months is my favorite age. They're happy, not afraid of stangers, SLEEPING and not yet mobile. We gave her a first taste of rice cereal on the anniversary and she lapped it up. In fact, she tried to feed herself!As a sidenote, I had to share this story from yesterday. It's one of those, "You know you need more sleep when..." ...

Christmas – Part II

On Christmas Eve, we made THE cookies for Santa. Baking cookies with the kids is kind of my thing. I love baking and it reminds me of my 4-H days with my mom...After Mass, we headed home and had a fabulous (if I do say so myself) seafood/shrimp dinner with pasta and garlic bread. This is a new family tradition. All we heard from the kids was nothing but forks hitting the plates. We might try this for breakfast. As ...

Christmas craziness

First off, welcome to the blog. Not sure if this is a good idea or not, but let's give it a whirl. Aren't you proud? It's not even New Year's Eve and I've already begun my 2008 do a better job of keeping the people we love (or at least call us "family") in the loop. Hold on, here we go.Advent is officially over and Christmas has begun. See pictures if you don't believe me. We had a glorious ...


... and welcome to the chaos. I know a thing or two about big families (I've got 6 kids), carpool, Catholic converts, the Texas Aggies, prematurity, date nights with Mr. Whitaker, organization and party planning, but I still don't know why it's so hard for my kids to  put up their shoes. My Texas-sized heart is honored to have you here! Contact me at

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