My Friend Haley Wrote a Book & It’s More Than Good Enough

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When your friend writes a book and you’re pretty darn proud of her, you want other people to know just how good it is.

First, I want you to know a bit about Haley because I think it helps you understand her book a little better. She’s the mama of four and she and her husband live in Waco, right up the road from me here in Austin. She has impeccable taste in tattoos and hair color. One of her professors in college wrote this book and she and her friend, Christy, have a really fabulous podcast. She’s also a convert to Catholicism which I dearly love.

Haley is a hip, fun millennial who is incredibly personable and real. I think all of that comes through in her newest book, “The Grace of Enough: Pursuing Less and Living More in a Throwaway Culture.” Her book shares how her family got off the hamster wheel and instead, jumped off into the land of intention. They were purposeful, patient and faithful as they began to build a new life for their family. Maybe living in tight quarters and using a compost toilet may not be your gig, but their approach is something anyone can emulate. {I have two degrees in agriculture so I found the composting toilet of particular interest. Once an Aggie, always an Aggie!}

I also happen to have a charism of hospitality so Haley’s chapter on “making home a priority, a school of love” sure spoke to my heart. Do people just inhabit your home, listing off the logistics, or do they live there? Do they thrive there? Do they feel loved and appreciated there?

Home has become the place where we watch TV. It’s where we sleep after a long day. But it rarely serves as the center of life anymore.

The domestic church looks different for all of us. Practicing your faith and implementing your intentionality is not a cookie cutter endeavor. Rather, it’s a very personal one. Haley shares how they got there, ideas on how you can get there and why it really matters. In every chapter she shares ideas on how to find “your grace of enough.” And, at the end of the book are reflection and discussion questions which make it a great read for your book club or women’s group at church.

Her premise, throughout, is that we don’t live on our own personal islands (or we shouldn’t). We are made for more, y’all. We were designed to live and build up our communities, to become connected rather than isolated. And, to put God at the center of it all.

It is a GEM of a book and I’m so grateful someone I respect and admire wrote such important words to share with the world. Brava Haley!

You can order it via Amazon using this affiliate link. As always, y’all know I only write about the things (and the people) I adore!

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