Week in My Life: Thursday, Nov. 16

Once a year, I document our life for seven days. I share the real stuff, the hard stuff, the funny stuff and everything in between. Mostly, I do it because our lives are full and I fear I’ll forget the little things we do that really form our family. Maybe someday the kids will enjoy these posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Ha! You can read all about it: MondayTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Better late than never, right?

I arrived home around midnight on Wednesday, so Thursday morning was slow going. No morning workout and no early rise and shine for me. Scott and my mother-in-law got the crew going and delivered to school for Grandparents’ Day. I managed a super quick shower and got Gigi ready and we arrived at Mass, only five minutes late.

Story. Of. My. Life.

Anna-Laura’s class hosted the Mass and she was one of the petitioners, reading prayer intentions. John Paul was an altar server. I never tire seeing him in that role.

Normally, I carpool with another mom for preschool. She does dropoff, I do pickup, but because of the change in schedule with Mass, I did both. I was able to catch almost the tail end of Mass before jetting off to school. Gianna was *so* excited to walk in those preschool doors. Trust me, there was a day once upon a time that she wasn’t so giddy.

I came home and did client work and ODed on Dr Pepper. Then, headed back up to the school to catch my parents and mother-in-law for the tail end of the second Mass of the day (our schools are so big and grandparents so many that we have to have two Masses!) and a little lunch.

I might’ve buried my head in my hands when my dad asked the high school principal if they still have licks (i.e. swats). “DAD!!” Fortunately, our principal has a sense of humor and said, “Nope, now we just take away their phones.”


It was back to preschool for cute girl pickup, a lightening fast nap for Gigi, then school pickup. I probably should’ve blogged and snapped photos of our after school routine, but with my cold and the crazy, it just didn’t happen. Typically, the kids come in from school, hang up backpacks, bring water bottles and lunch sacks to the kitchen, get a snack and then hit the homework. I usually get started on dinner and referee sibling fights.

Living the dream.

After dinner, we shift into bedtime and wind down mode. Gianna gets a bath and I wash dishes while the bigs take showers and brush teeth. Scott is the bath man and I’m on kitchen duty with one other kid. We rotate the kids through, Monday-Friday, to help in the kitchen. They’re responsible for loading the dishwasher, clearing the table, putting food back in the fridge and sweeping the floor. I wash dishes and counter tops and start the dishwasher.

Back in the old days, we snuggled up with the kids, read books and said prayers. Now, we’re just down to doing that with one kid…and she always wants me! The bigs are usually up doing homework for a bit longer, or we check fantasy football lineups or watch the latest DudePerfect YouTube video. Life with boys.

Scott and I used to find our couple time in the evenings after everyone was in bed, but now we’ve shifted it to lunch time or right after breakfast. New season, here we come.

As I was doing the dishes, Scott leaned over and said, “Welcome back, mama.” HA! And that’s your Thursday.


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