Week in My Life: Friday, Nov. 16

Once a year, I document our life for seven days. I share the real stuff, the hard stuff, the funny stuff and everything in between. Mostly, I do it because our lives are full and I fear I’ll forget the little things we do that really form our family. Maybe someday the kids will enjoy these posts as much as I enjoy writing them. Ha! You can read all about it: MondayTuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Today, TODAY, I got up at 5:25 and was back to the usual at my 5:45am workout at Pure Barre. I’ve been at that for nearly 18 months – the longest I’ve ever done anything – and I absolutely love it. For an hour, I get to take away the stress.

Friday is laundry day around here #holdmejesus and I do about 8 loads every Friday, with 3-4 more throughout the week (towels, sports clothes, etc.). I used to try and squeeze them in all on a Friday, but quickly learned that was crazy talk. Now, the kids bring clothes and hangers down on Thursday night so I can sort and I usually get two loads washed before heading to bed, and then set the washer on a timer for one more to wash around 4am. As I head out for my workout, I drop in another load. My goal is to be done by noon. So far, it’s been working! When the kids arrive home, they put them all up. Because…

I’m the mom, not the maid.

You can quote me on that.

Most Friday mornings, I try and make the high school mom’s rosary group. It is simple, straightforward and prayerful. That 30 minutes is such a gift to my spirit. Gianna roams around the tiny chapel while the rest of us pray. I love it and I’m so glad I discovered this beautiful group.

Today, we hustled home because the tile guys were prepping the floor and shower for, wait for it, TILE!!!! I’m not sure whose smart idea it was to do a major master bath renovation smack in the middle of the holidays {crickets}, but we are anxious to see the end! They worked hard while Gianna and I wrapped up laundry and watched some PBS. Then, it was time for lunch and nap for her and client work for me.

School pickup always comes faster than I expect, but today was even more awesome because, “Hellooooo, Thanksgiving break!” The girls headed to Baskin Robbins with friends, Will to the show with buddies and the rest of us just enjoyed hanging with the neighbors. It was also pizza Friday night (we do that every Friday). BEST.

But Scott’s text telling me he’s on his way home is always the highlight of my day.

While I made homemade pizza, the kids had the time of their lives playing with our neighbors. I did tell you our friends moved in across the street, right? It’s pretty much heaven.

After dinner, the girls and I headed to the high school murder mystery play (it was awesome!) and arrived home to greet my cousin and her two boys. So great!

After a beer and some good conversation, we called it a night.

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