My Photos Stunk, and I How I Changed Them

Once upon a time, I knew enough about photography to be dangerous. In my past life, B.C. (before children), I had an awesome job as a communications specialist with the National FFA Organization. We set up press conferences, booked speakers, wrote releases and worked with AP photographers.

I was in heaven.

That was all fine and good until I had kids and left my full-time job and my access to those AP guys. Whole new photography ball game. Plus, I was sleep deprived and had almost no opportunities to head out of the house and take a photography course.

Then, a friend of mine from Iowa started raving about Shultz Photo School (SPS). I took the FREE 7-part snackable course to see if it was legit. That alone improved my photos, so I knew a full course would completely transform them.

And it did.

I mean, these photos would never have been this amazing if not for SPS. #truestory

Here’s a sample “before” shot, complete with flash and horrible composition.

And, here’s an after.

A Halloween photo, before.

Aaaand, after. Same ladybug, different girl 😉

I’ve been able to take the course on MY schedule, at MY pace, in MY pajamas. I have so much more to learn – don’t we all? – but the photos I’m taking now hold even more meaningful memories for my family and I can take photos of things like sporting events and school photos and not waste money paying someone else to do them for me.


Sports have been my nemesis, so when Kyle recently came out with the mini-sports course to preview it all, I immediately signed up. Now, I’m diving into the full sports course and it’s just as awesome as I thought it would be.

He opens enrollment a few times a year. If you’re looking for the “deal” and the “time” then I hope this is an answer to prayer. It sure has been for me!

Shultz Photo School: Photo Fix
Sports Photography Course

7-Part Snackable Course (the first one I tried!)
Mini-Sports Course for Parents

Affiliate links. But y’all know I only rave about things I love!

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  1. Margaret Chang on October 17, 2017 at 2:06 pm

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I just purchased the class and really like it!

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