Week in My Life 2015: Saturday

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Oversharing alert. For the next week, I’m writing about what life is *really* like at Casa Whitaker. It’s likely to include Dr Pepper, sibling rivalry, lots of diapers and some serious van time. If you’re a blogger, I’d love for you to join me (linkup at the bottom) and if you’re an Instagrammer, we’re all over there using #weekinmylife15  You can catch up on the week here: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Two words.

Abysmal and lazy.

As in, my photo taking today was abysmal and our day was incredibly lazy. That’s what Saturdays are supposed to be like, right? I thought so.

We’ve been waking up with the chickens all week, so I was quite happy to NOT set my alarm and let the kids wake us up. They never fail to do that. Even though we heard stirring from the bigs around 7:30, Gianna didn’t rise and shine until 8:30. Atta girl.

Scott and the big four headed to south Austin to volunteer at Community First with our 4-H club. Community First’s founder, Alan Graham, is doing amazing things for the homeless community here in Austin. But, more than that I think he’s doing amazing things about people’s attitudes regarding the homeless. I know he’s changed my heart. Our original plan was to take all six, but because of some of the work involved, we weren’t sure it was a good idea to take the two littles, so I stayed back.

They arrived home around 1pm, just as I was putting Gianna down for a nap. While their morning was filled with weeding and hard labor, we played duplos, Gianna destroyed the kitchen, Luke took 1,000 photos on my iPhone and we watched a little TV. We don’t let our kids watch television during the week, so the weekends are a big hit around here. But, because we don’t have cable, they really don’t beg to watch it much at all. I’m so very grateful we made that switch a few years ago.

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While Gianna napped, Clare played with a neighbor, Anna-Laura and Luke played cars and did a few computer games and I finally got a shower! The big boys and Scott have an exciting day tomorrow and I promise to dish Sunday night. Around 3:15, Clare came home in a panic, “Mom, don’t I have a birthday party to attend today?” Um, yes. I totally did not forget. Nope. Not at all. This is when I’m thankful we have a stash of gift cards for the more-than-I’d-like-admit-times I forget a birthday. We got Clare off to her party and the kids and I came home to get a little soup started for dinner.

A sweet friend texted and asked if we wanted to come over to their house for a little Aggie football. Yes, please. Tanja is also Gianna’s Godmother, so we clearly adore her family. My kids were in heaven. They played, we chatted and Gianna destroyed Tanja’s cup cabinet. Near halftime, I called it a night and we headed home for bedtime (which went remarkably well) and a quick kitchen cleanup. I swear, that room gets more attention than the Kardashians. I should just sleep in there.

Call it knee therapy homework, but I walked up the stairs twice. I really shouldn’t have done that, not because my knee was killing me, but that upstairs was like whoa. I know what we’re doing next week while everyone is on Thanksgiving break. Can you say Goodwill and trash?

I hit some more client work and cracked open a bottle of Dos Equis. It’s gonna be a long night. See y’all for the last day tomorrow!


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