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UPDATED! Chances are, we are just rolling back into town after a stellar weekend in College Station. While our day was pretty fabulous, my sweet eyes are saying SLEEP! So, you’ll get my Saturday recap shortly. Until then, link it up!

A small recap from the rest of Friday. It took us FORever to get out of town. We had to drop off Scott’s car for a repair, I had to swing by CVS and there was a minor meltdown in getting everyone in the van- all over a bag of goldfish. I know. High drama. We rolled into College Station just in time to drop the kids off at our favorite sitter’s house (former sitter here in Austin, current A&M student) and head to the former yell leader reunion. Attendance was down a bit, but I did get to hug the neck of one of my very favorite yell boys, Jimmy Tyree, Class of 1954.


If you’ve been to any Aggie home games, you might recognize him from the video below. And, the very best story about Jimmy? He shared this at the reunion and oh my, many laughs. Seems as if when he was running for yell leader, he had to find a way to get people to remember his name and vote for him. The quadrangle (the area where all the cadets lived) had 192 urinals. So, his flyer had an image of a kid peeing with this tagline: “When you pee, think of me. Vote Jimmy Tyree!” The rest is history.

After the reunion, Gianna had hit her wall, so Scott dropped me off at our friend’s house, while he went to get the kids. Fortunately, Elizabeth and Josh are no stranger to kid chaos. They have five of their own. We ended up throwing our whole crew (minus Gianna) into their playroom. While I got everyone off to bed, Scott took the big boys to yell practice. Not only did they get to march in behind the yell boys, but they scored some field passes and met our new Governor-Elect, Greg Abbott, and soon-to-be First Lady of Texas, Cecilia.

yell practice3_wiml

yell practice2_wiml

I’m telling you. Will meets all the stars. I need to see if he has a personal assistant spot available.

They got in super late (like 1:30am), Gianna slept better and we all rolled out of bed around 7am the following morning. Whew!

Saturday was a lazy start for us, but a hopping start for our hosts. While Josh and Elizabeth wrangled kids to sports tournaments and play practice, we got our troops dressed and fed. They binged on ESPN, video games and a raucous game of football in the backyard. We headed out for lunch at a family favorite, the Chicken Oil Company. Yes, the burgers are greasy and the tea is sweet. It is a total dive in Bryan, but man. Those burgers are just so good.

wiml_chicken oil

As a family of eight, we don’t eat out that often. For one, it isn’t cheap and two, the options at home are always healthier. But, I do think it’s important that our kids know how to dine in a public place, be respectful, pick up after themselves and be grateful. We even struck up a nice conversation with the guys at the table next to us. Good ‘ol Texas hospitality.

We headed back to our friends’ house for naps and more ESPN. They had some more family drop by (we joked that the greater College Station area was there!) and we all got a good laugh when their next door neighbors brought over two more football tickets, “We saw all those cars and figured you could use a couple more,” the neighbor said. Because of that generosity, my boys were able to go and sit just a few rows down from Scott and Clare. After a half hour discussion of figuring out carpool, we finally had it all settled. How many Aggies does it take to figure out how to get to an Aggie football game? Answer: A lot.

wiml, blog_016

Here’s the whole crew of kids – minus two napping ones – for memory’s sake. Sorry for the grain, wrong camera setting!


Believe it or not, the littles slept 2.5 hours which made for a lovely evening. Around 6, Elizabeth and I glanced out the window and both commented how glad we were that we were indoors. It was nasty, cold and rainy. Ick. The five kids left at the house enjoyed playing together, Gianna was our smiler and Elizabeth and I chatted and whipped up a quick dinner. It was so lovely to chat with only a few minor interruptions. About 8, I knew the wheels were starting to fall of with Gianna, so I texted Scott and asked if we could swing by and get them a little earlier than we planned.

That was a YES.

Turns out John Paul was nauseous and everyone was freezing and drenched. We loaded up the van, gave out lots of hugs and picked up four very cold people on George Bush Drive. We listened to the final quarter on the radio as we trekked back to Austin. That was all kinds of brutal. The kids were wiped and slept the whole way home. We rolled in and amazingly, got everyone back to sleep within 20 minutes.


That deserved a beer, some Blue Bell and an awesome fire in the fireplace.

And that’s your day six. Last one coming at you on Sunday evening!

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  1. Kimberly on November 16, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    What a fun weekend. And I concur on the Chicken Oil Company. Those burgers are SO GOOD. My oldest daughter was a little creeped out by all the deer heads and other taxidermy on the walls. I just said, “Get used to it sister.” You’re not only in Aggieland, you are deep in redneck territory. LOL!

    I hope we can afford to take all our kids to an Aggie football game some day. So far, only David and I have been (once) and the kids have only been to Yell Practice. Oh well. At least they know all the yells and how to “hump it” like pros!

    • Kathryn on November 17, 2014 at 12:02 am

      LOL! Affording A&M games isn’t easy. We were fortunate this weekend to score those two extra seats for free. Hopefully you can get to a game soon!

  2. Rita @ Open Window on November 16, 2014 at 10:45 pm

    It must be cold down there! I had no idea Texas got that cold this early in the year. What a day for you! I am impressed that you were able to get the blog post together. This has been a great week of blogging. Thank you for hosting the link-up!

    • Kathryn on November 17, 2014 at 12:01 am

      We hit a bad cold snap – bad for Texans, anyway! But, back to the 70s by the weekend. Hooray! And, thanks for joining in, Rita. Hope you had fun.

  3. Jenny on November 17, 2014 at 11:59 pm

    The guy behind you almost looks like Barry Switzer!

  4. Elizabeth on November 20, 2014 at 8:56 pm

    Just popped over here and finally caught up! I am kicking myself for not finishing WIML now. What an EPIC weekend.

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