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Twelve years ago when we jumped on the parenthood bandwagon I never knew that strangers would soon want a say in every aspect of my new chapter of life.

From delivery to breastfeeding to discipline to eating organic baby food, it seems every person had an opinion. The most popular, of course, was “where are you delivering your baby?”

If in the hospital, a reaction was often, “Isn’t that where sick people go? Are you really sure you want to expose your newborn to THAT environment?

If at home, “What will you do if something goes wrong? And, the hospital option at least gives you a break from all your other kids!”

And, if choosing an non-medicated birth, “There is modern medicine for a reason. A drug-free birth is just archaic.”

You know what I have to say about all that? You’re a non-voting member of that committee. And, more importantly, at the end of the birth experience all of us receives the same, most awesome, badge of honor: MOM.

This week, it is a tremendous honor to host three women, whom I greatly admire, to share why they chose a specific birthing style: home birth, hospital birth and an non-medicated birth. You know, it doesn’t have to be a war, nor a throw-down of “my way is better than yours.” Truly, no way is more Catholic, no more heroic, no less beautiful than another. No, I asked these women to share their hearts, their thought process and their spirituality on choosing the right birth experience for them, and their families.

I think you’ll find one consistent theme – they love being mothers, how they got there is the only piece that differs.

This series isn’t just for pregnant mommas, though. I think it’s for every mom. When we share the births of our children – the most intimate of moments of motherhood – and how our faith plays a role, we learn. We grow. We gain perspective. We seek to understand. We yearn to love. As you read along this week, I hope you’ll join in the discussion (with a loving heart, of course) and share your own experience!

Tomorrow’s post is all about an non-medicated birth with fellow southerner and ER nurse, Dianna Kennedy of The Kennedy Adventures . I look forward to seeing you bright and early!

birthweek_hdydiDianna: Non-medicated, Natural Birth
Lisa: Hospital Birth
Bonnie: Home Birth

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