Week in My Life: Day 2, Tuesday

This week,  I’m participating in the “Week in My Life” series. If you’re like me and need to read the first chapter, here’s day one. It’s rivoting. Watch out.

Before I get too far into day two, I am CRACKING up at all the comments about Monday’s laundry. Who knew? I guess I didn’t realize 1)  just how many clothes I wash, 2) how many people would notice, and 3) that my ironing took high billing (I do it about every 8 weeks!)

Today I had high hopes. 0525 on the alarm, high hopes. It played out just like Monday. I hit snooze and ending up getting up at 6:10. Mark my words, I have a date with my running shoes tomorrow morning if it kills me.

After my shower, I popped the biscuits in the oven because two days of donuts for breakfast would’ve secured my nomination for “Mom of the Year” and I’m trying to let some other moms win. I’m a giver. The kids were up and mostly happy by 7am. Dressed even. All by themselves. #winning After a quick breakfast and an even quicker application of anti-itch meds to Clare’s legs (she has 49 fire ant bites!),  they headed out the door with Scott for school. {About those ant bites, long story. You’ll get it next week.}

I took advantage of the quiet house by answering emails and squeezing in some blog and client work. The knock at the door at 8am just made me smile. It’s house cleaning day and I don’t have to do it! Definitely the best part of my day. Nine years ago when I started my business, there were two things I wanted to pay for – a housekeeper and Catholic school tuition. I don’t get facials nor do I stroll the mall for deals. Nope, I just want to have a clean toilet that I didn’t Clorox wipe. We call our housekeeper St. Hortencia. She is that good. Who knew Pine Sol could make you feel so fabulous?

I got Luke up, dressed and fed and off we went to school. He loves that place, so much.

After a kiss, a hug and a “make good choices”, I headed home to change and get ready for a Catholic radio luncheon for Relevant Radio, 970 AM. Several months ago I was asked to emcee. What? I know. Talk about sharing the stage with some fabulous women – Shelia Liaugminas and Jennifer Fulwiler both gave fantastic keynotes. I just brought the twang and a few laughs. The room was filled with SO MANY people I admire. Talk about blessings. On the ride over, I just cranked Christian radio and sang the whole way. I’m pretty sure you could hear me. Thanks, God, for the prayer time. The event went off beautifully and when my good friend, Christine, sends me “real” pics, I’ll post those. Hey, it pays to know the official event photographer. In the meantime, you’ll have to settle for this one of Jen and I. With my 4″ heels I’m almost as tall as Mrs. Fulwiler!

Scott was gracious enough to leave the event early and pick up Master Luke from school and put him down for a nap. On my way home, it just “happened” to be Sonic Happy Hour. So, you know, I HAD to stop by and pick up some drinks for me and the Mr. He headed back to work, I ditched the heels and put on my comfy jeans and knocked out some client work before carline.

{working on getting a video here, currently YouTube challenged, bear with me}

We left Will at flag football practice and the rest of us headed home to change, eat snack, do homework and load back up in the van. Tuesday is dance day for Clare. Y’all, she loves it. She’s been known to put on impromptu performances. They are sweet and she’s pretty darn good. Yea, a dancer in the house!

While she was at dance, the other three and I headed back to the house for more homework, dinner prep and a diaper change. I’ll let you figure out who did what. Thank goodness hot dogs, chips and fruit were on tap tonight. Quick and easy. We quickly picked up Will from football and then Clare from dance. Whew, I’m tired just typing that van ride. I think now might be a good time to invest in a bathroom and a kitchen in the van.

We returned home, for the third and final time, to finish up homework and do early showers. I sent the bigs (my older four) upstairs to shower, while Luke watched “Thomas the Train” and I did a half hour of client work (and a sampling of my work is below). Scott worked a little late today and also had an evening meeting. We prefer to have family dinners together when we can, so the early showers allowed us to do that.

When Scott got home, we went into full meal prep and ate about 15 minutes later, just in time for him to head to his meeting. We always begin dinner with the blessing, followed by “God Bless the Cook!” and then everyone shares the “best” and “worst” of their day. Luke loves to say, “Bwess cook.” *adorable* Not sure if you can see that three of the five kids are wearing black t-shirts. We started that about two months ago. My mom had some extra black t-shirts she won as giveaways and so we put them to good use. Whenever we eat something that is tomato-based or easily stains, the kids pop the t-shirts over their heads. It eliminates at least one load and I’m about that!

I love this photo for many reasons, namely that it captures reality. Yes, those are napkins from a party we had back in early September. Yes, John Paul is crying because of who knows what. And, yes, Luke is MIA from the table because sitting longer than five minutes at the dinner table is so 2009.

After dinner, the girls went upstairs to read books to Luke and the boys did reading/homework while I cleaned up the kitchen. Luke got a supersonic fast bath and I sent the girls to their room while I put him to bed. Scott and I usually divide and conquer but I was flying solo again tonight.

After Luke hit the sack, it was the girls’ turn. Before books, we started counting money as part of Anna-Laura’s money unit at school. Um, that did not go well. Note to self: don’t tackle a difficult subject with a tired child. I’m not proud of how I handled it, but before lights went out, all was well. Sheesh, you’d think I’d know the simple rules of engagement by now. Tired children make horrible learners and even more exasperated moms. The boys got kisses and prayers and the house was quiet.

Ahhh. I settled in to blog/work and then Scott got home. We had a chance to catch up on the day, share some stories and then he was off to make lunches. I have got to get a picture of that assembly line tomorrow. It is classic.

Day two, in the books. Tomorrow you get to meet Luke’s therapists (they are all rockstars) and find out why I might need a new brain.


  1. Kelley on October 24, 2012 at 11:12 am

    This has to be one of my my most favorite posts ever!! Anyone who thinks being a stay at home mom is easy should take a gander at this post. The hectic day really makes you appreciate the quiet of the house after lights out. Love it!

  2. Sarah @ TM2TS on October 24, 2012 at 12:43 pm

    Mmmm …. strawberries
    I’m sorry, I totally got distracted by them, and lost track of what else I was going to say, LOL!

  3. Molly on October 24, 2012 at 1:12 pm

    This is an awesome post, Kathryn! I would love to try this for a week. People would think running on a treadmill is easy. Well, actually coming to work is pretty easy compared to staying home. But, either way, women in general are just plain busy. As I write, I think through my day/morning and relish in how much I can get accomplished in an hour and, not to mention, what I can do on a lunch hour – look out!

  4. Renea Burg on October 24, 2012 at 1:52 pm

    I LOVE hearing about someone elses day. I have one child. She wipes me out. YOU ROCK MAMA. Renea.

  5. Jamie@SouthMainMuse on October 24, 2012 at 6:14 pm

    “God bless the cook!” Sound like a winner to me. Though in my house it might be a little blasphemy (on the cook part.) You need to dive into YouTube especially if your speaking and on radio. I’d love to see.

  6. Alissa | CleverCompass.com on October 24, 2012 at 8:31 pm

    I love your photos particularly the one of your girl getting ready for dance and the dinner shot for the second day in a row. Looks like you had a great day to keep track of.

    See you tomorrow.

  7. Melissa {adventuroo} on October 24, 2012 at 9:08 pm

    Your dinner shot is just FAB! I need to get one like that! Your daughter looks so cute getting ready to go into the dance studio!

    And is that InDesign I see? That’s my fave application. 🙂

    • Kathryn on October 24, 2012 at 9:28 pm

      Yes ma’am. Love that software.

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